The cataract is also referred to as a cataract in the specialist language and is usually an age-related opacity of the natural lens.  The gray star can only be treated by surgery.

 Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries in medicine.  . There are several ways to perform this operation (phacoemulsification): the conventional and femtosecond laser-assisted treatment method .

In the conventional method , the operator sets all necessary cuts manually with the scalpel.  The clouded lens is scattered by means of ultrasound and is then suctioned off.  An artificial lens (intraocular lens) is then implanted in a corresponding thickness.  The intraocular lens is usually placed in the holding device of the natural lens (capsule bag) behind the pupil.

Over time, the surgical technique has made great progress.  The development of foldable artificial lenses makes it possible to carry out the entire operation through an incision of only about 2.2 mm in length.  In most cases, an anesthesia syringe is not necessary; the operation can usually be carried out in drip or gel anesthesia.

In the case of the femtosecond laser-assisted treatment method , all required sections are performed with the femtosecond laser.  The laser also commits the shredding of the lens.  The advantage here is that less and under certain circumstances no ultrasound energy is used and the procedure is considered more precise.

The Clinic of Dr Marcos Lopez MD has long been one of the leading centers of Chicago  in the field of cataract surgery.  The patients are operated by experienced surgeons using the most modern methods.  Intensive scientific research ensures a continuous quality assurance and further development of the surgical technique

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